Useful Links
1 Webster St.
Ellenville, NY 12428
Non-emergency 845-647-8181
Ellenville Area Sites
Ellenville First Aid & Rescue
Squad, Inc
Health and EMS related
American Heart Association:
General health information as well as detailed for ensuring a healthy heart.
Center for Disease Control:
Information on general health and safety topics.
Centrelearn:  http:/
Online education for the EMS community
Cragsmoor Fire Department:
Provides Fire/Rescue and medical first response to the Cragsmoor area. Ellenville Rescue provides
BLS & ALS Ambulance service to the Cragsmoor Fire District.
Ellenville Joint Fire District:
Provides Fire/Rescue service to the Ellenville area. Ellenville Rescue provides BLS & ALS
Ambulance service to the Ellenville Fire District.
Ellenville Regional Hospital:
The primary destination of Ellenville Rescue
EMT City:
EMS Forums, Pod casts, Videos and downloads
EMS news, training, products and discussion groups
EMS Responder:
News, Pod casts, Videos, Training, Forums and Rural EMS
News, Forums, Products, Training & Pod casts
Fire Rescue & EMS news, training information, online videos and product information
Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council:
Regional CME & Training Schedules, presentations, Protocols and credentials.
Journal of Emergency Medical Services:
News, Training, Resources, Buyers Guide and Web casts
Napanoch Fire Department:
Provides Fire/Rescue service to the Napanoch area. Ellenville Rescue provides BLS & ALS
Ambulance service to the Napanoch district
New York State Department of Health, Bureau of EMS:
Education, Certification, Law, Policies & Statistical Information
Ulster County Emergency Services:
Ulster County Emergency Communications & Management, Recruitment & Retention, Volunteer
Registration and Incentives.
World Health Organization:
Health guidelines and updates from this international group.
Village of Ellenville:
Information on village services and community resources
Ulster County:
Reference information on the county government services and community resources
Ellenville Public Library and Museum:
Public library and historical museum of the Ellenville area
Ellenville-Wawarsing Chamber of Commerce:
References to the businesses, services and attractions available in the Ellenville area
Old Ellenville:
History and pictures from the early days of Ellenville
Shadowland Theater:
Professionally produced live theater and musicals in an art-deco theater.
Hunt Memorial:
National Historic Register building in the heart of Ellenville being restored.
Town of Wawarsing:
Official site of the Town of Wawarsing government.