1 Webster St.
Ellenville, NY 12428
Non-emergency 845-647-8181
Ellenville First Aid & Rescue
Squad, Inc.
The Squad was formed in 1955 by 20 community
members, who identified the benefit of learning first
aid to help neighbors & strangers in time of need.
Funding initially came from the Squad members
themselves and then from door to door
solicitations and donation boxes place in local

Our first ambulance was a 1935 LaSalle sold to us
for $1 on two conditions: 1) that it be given to
another start up squad when we no longer needed
it, and, 2)when we could buy a new ambulance, we
buy it from them.

We functioned out of donated garage space until
we built our first building, pictured above, in 1958.
Local gas stations took turns donating gas a
month at a time. Calls were normally received by
Ellenville or State Police who relayed them to
Charter Member Clyde Matthews' Matthews
Pharmacy who did the early telephone dispatching.
Our first call was in June, 1955. That first year the Squad handled 69 calls, traveled 340.5
miles with 120 hours 25 minutes of volunteer time
Our second ambulance
(above) was donated in 1958
by Sherman Loucks of
Loucks; Funeral Home who
was going out of the
ambulance transportation
Our first year
Our 1958 building on Rt. 209
pictured in the 60's
Our 50th Year

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2005