Ambulance 618, 2009 Horton Box on 2009
Ford E Series chassis.

Ambulance 617, 1999 Horton box on 2011
Ford gasoline chassis.

Ambulance 616, 2003 Horton box on 2006
Ford E450 chassis
2012 Chevy Tahoe Paramedic Fly
car 74-50 makes initial response to
all calls.
Ellenville First Aid & Rescue
Squad, Inc.
1 Webster St.
Ellenville, NY 12428
Non-emergency 845-647-8181
Rescue Truck 615 is 2002 Horton
body on a Ford F550 chassis. This
unit carries the Jaws of Life and Hurst
Rams, Rope Rescue gear and
dive/water rescue gear.
Rescue boat 74-90 was acquired in
2009 as an adjunct to the dive team
and to facilitate water rescue.
Retired from 1st out duty, 2005 Chevy Tahoe
serves as a back up Fly Car 74-53 saving
considerable time shuttling ALS equipment
when a second unit is needed.